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Outpost Gun and Trade is a passionate coalition of gun enthusiasts and experts who believe in giving you more “bang” for your buck. We don’t just love the sound of a well-greased, finely tuned firearm. Our sole dedication is to supply you with a gun that is perfectly suited to your needs and personality.

Our salesmen have a deep and technical understanding of our outstanding products. You may simply be looking for some advice or guidance before you feel comfortable making a purchase. Our staff will answer any questions you may have about our merchandise and about the most appropriate safety measures for you. Our exhaustive screening process ensures that no weapon falls into the wrong hands at our store. We work our hardest to ensure that our firearms promote safety, not endanger it.

Outpost Gun and Trade not only sells mint-condition guns, but we also buy and trade used firearms that are still in excellent shape. If you have an old Glock sitting on your shelf collecting dust, sell it to us, and make some nice bank. If you are a concerned homeowner on a budget, we place reasonable prices on our used guns and accessories.

Pick up the phone and call Outpost Gun and Trade, or visit our store in Midland, TX. We always aim to give our customers the highest caliber in firearm solutions.

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