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Handguns are great for close encounters and home protection, but for distant targets, you will need the longer range and superior accuracy of a rifle. Outpost Gun and Trade sells rifles of all purposes and calibers to maximize your marksmanship. As with any gun, the rifle you choose will have a special set of advantages and disadvantages. As caring and competent retailers in the firearm industry, we strive to provide you with the weapon that will best complement your strengths. Browse our incredible rifles in Midland, TX!

For the minimalist big game hunter, our fine assortment of hunting rifles promise intuitive handling and ease of use. The benefit of a robust single shot bolt action rifle is that there are few moving parts inherent in the lightweight, simple design. A bolt action is also more accurate at long range than a semi-automatic rifle and offers more manageable recoil, especially in relation to the stopping power it provides. Contrarily, those seeking faster reload times and quicker follow-up shots will benefit most from semi auto rifles.

For a steady balance of reliability, speed, and accuracy, nothing beats the addictive back-and-forth cocking motion of a pump action rifle. By combining the easy handling of a shotgun with the deadly accuracy of a rifle, this beautiful weapon shoots faster than its lever action counterpart while still delivering comparable precision to that of a bolt action rifle.

Set your sights on the greatest rifles that money can buy! Drop by Outpost Gun and Trade, and send a few well-placed rounds down range.

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