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Wider firearm options means greater security for you, your property, and your loved ones. Why settle for plain, run-of-the-mill nine millimeters when you can arm yourself in style with our latest selection of semi-automatic pistols? Citizens worried about their personal safety need not look any further than Outpost Gun and Trade. We sell only premium handguns in Midland, TX.

Just like our customers, no two guns are the same. For this reason, we aim to arm you with firearms that best suit your physical attributes and personal preference. If you seek a lightweight, mobile pistol with high ammo capacity, you may take particular interest in our selection of Glock handguns. A fusion of metal and polymer composite, the Glock pistol is rapidly becoming America’s weapon of choice.

Perhaps your line-of-duty responsibilities require you to carry only the most reliable and effective handguns on the market. For pistols with immense firepower that will never jam, try our Smith & Wesson revolvers. Nothing surpasses the classic stopping power and consistency of the 357 magnum. Though revolver pistols possess low ammo capacity and longer reload times, their muzzle energy is undeniable. In addition, these thunderous weapons deliver tremendous recoil, which is best suited to larger individuals.

Or perhaps you are an ardent gun collector seeking to show up your friends with a truly breathtaking piece. The Smith & Wesson 500 magnum is the strongest handgun on earth and is guaranteed to put down a bear, let alone an armed assailant. Just make sure you steady your grip and wear the appropriate ear protection, because this particular handgun packs an unparalleled wallop.

Contact Outpost Gun and Trade, and ask about our assortment of pistols, magazines, and handgun accessories. Your firearm will look sleek in our strategic yet stylish holsters.

Shop at Outpost Gun and Trade, and get locked, loaded, and ready to go today!

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