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There is a glaring discrepancy between civilian and professional firearm application. Our brave men and women require the most effective gear to better ensure the safety of the public. For this reason, we at Outpost Gun and Trade take pride in offering astonishing tactical weapons in Midland, TX. Whether you are an army recruit, SWAT officer, or local deputy, Outpost Gun and Trade promises a satisfying selection of the finest tactical gear.

A bullet that hits two inches off the mark can have a drastic impact in an adrenaline-fed, life-or-death situation. Those two inches could mean the difference between survival and death. Consequently, Outpost Gun and Trade believes your aim is your best asset in the line of duty. We provide an extensive line of optics and scopes to help you zero in on the target with modern technology.

Our attachable laser sights and holographic reticles place a convenient dot on your target for improved accuracy and more efficient enemy engagement. If you are planning a night operation in which visibility is the highest concern, you will greatly benefit from our line of night vision and thermal optics. We also sell mountable flashlights that secure onto many different types of firearms. For the best in name brand scopes, our line of NightForce optics and accessories are sure to help you accomplish your mission.

Sometimes you may find yourself in a hostile situation with no guns at your disposal. Rather than being unarmed and unprepared, carry our mobile yet effective tactical knives. Select a fixed blade combat knife for maximum damage, or opt for a folding blade for speedier attack and suppression. When it comes to your safety, do not be afraid to bring a knife to a gun fight, just for good measure.

Enhance your arsenal with advanced tactical gear, and call Outpost Gun and Trade today. We are the business end of the gun!

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